2016 Fall Conference

Our renowned 

Fall Conference ~ October 23 thru 25

Hosted in Downtown Newport Rhode Island

 Class Grid/Schedule is available to download

This has the session descriptions!!!  Download it NOW!!!

Click ->  2016 NE Regional Class Descriptions 08_23_16 <- Click

Deadlines for discounts have come and gone BUT we still have space left for attendees!!! 


Quick Daily Summary

Agency Performance Partners/ Kelly Donahue-Piro

“Creating Your Customer Experience”

~ ~ ~ ~

Qualcorp / SueAnn Priem 

“Leveraging Your Data with MS Power Builder BI”

Had to ask – BI is Business Intelligence


    • this will not be a certification like last year
  • Changing your Direct Bill Method
  • Reporting a) Classic vs b) My Agency Reports
  • Trust Accounting – Maine agencies take note – How does this affect your Payables & DB Receipts
  • End of Month End of Year Best Practices
  • Send your accounting suggestions/questions to us at accounting2016@netvune.org

Account Representative’s / CSR

  • QuickNavs
  • Platform A) Setup B) Workflows Part 1 C) Workflows Part 2
  • Time Management for the CSR
  • Book Roll Analytics and Renewal Analytics
  • Tips and Trix
  • Carrier Panel – What are Carriers doing for Agents in the Digital Age

Agency System Administration / IT (or your other hat)

  • DocuSign Templates
  • VSSO – Vertafore Single Sign On
  • Phone Systems – Integration (screen pops with AMS360 Customer)
  • Addressing Modern Network Security Challenges
  • Download reports and Connections
  • Why Mobile is Vital to your Agency’s Future
  • Client Portal


Our Presenters!!!

Joyce Sigler (Jones Wenner Insurance Agency), Colleen Willhight (Vertafore), Ben Lynds (F. A. Peabody Insurance Agency), Lorraine Plezia (Lorraine Plezia Agency Training) , Larry Hazen (Hazen Enterprises), Brad Ruben (Archway Computers), Chris Gillespie, Matt Aaron (GoInsuranceAgent.com), Joe Mari (JMK Systems Solutions) , Anthony Riccio (Vertafore), Caleen Alexanderson (Agency Port), Jerry Fox (Corelogic/MSB), Kitty Ambers (NetVU), Brett Chenail (Vertafore), SueAnn Priem (QualCorp), Kelly Donahue-Piro (Agency Performance Partners)

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Newport Harbor Hotel is FULL!!!

Newport Harbor and Hotel is completely sold out for Sunday and Monday nights, October 23 and 24th.  There are a few other hotels in the area, the Marriott is DIRECTLY across the street, the Hyatt, which is on Goat Island (some attendees already there) and the Gilded Hotel in Newport (just up the street from the Newport Harbor and Hotel). (401-619-7758) their room rate is a little lower than the others. There are also some other options in Middletown, RI, which just a few miles from Newport.

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Sponsors booked and Thank You’s 

Thank You – Vermont Mutual Insurance Group

Thank You – Liberty Mutual & Safeco Insurance

Thank You – Imperial Premium Finance Specialists

Thank You – Portland Glass (Maine offices)

Thank You – Corelogic Insurance Solutions/MSB

Thank You – Norfolk & Dedham

Thank You – WAHVE

Thank You – Go Insurance Agent .com

Thanks You – Qualcorp



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Fall Conference 

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A few pictures to show off our Fall Conferences

Chapter of the year award!!!

2016 Chapter of the year award accepted by our attending Board Members!!!


cropped-2015-10-26-09-03-10-DSC_0566.jpg2015-10-25 16-33-11 - DSC_0540

2015-10-26 09-17-45 - DSC_0573 2014-11-03 19-16-41 - DSC_01282015-10-25 16-33-38 - DSC_0543 2015-10-26 10-20-57 - DSC_05812015-10-26 10-58-36 - DSC_0587 2014-11-03 Joyce Sean 2014-11-03 Jerry CoreLogic 2014-11-03 12-07-38 - DSC_00742014-11-03 12-12-01 - DSC_0081 2014-11-03 14-43-57 - DSC_0097 2014-11-03 Anthony Pam 2014-11-03 Brad Ruben 2014-11-03 Break Tim 2014-11-03 11-53-59 - DSC_0068 2014-11-03 11-28-51 - DSC_00582014-11-03 11-28-46 - DSC_0057 2014-11-03 10-36-02 - DSC_0038 2014-11-02 18-27-15 - DSC_0022 2014-11-02 16-53-05 - DSC_0010DSC_0362 DSC_0286 DSC_0363 DSC_0364DSC_0367 DSC_0226 DSC_0218


The New England AMS Users Group was started approximately 1980 somewhere in New England… 🙂  We strive to be the most progressive AMS/Vertafore Users Group in the country.

Meeting/Session Information

We provide 3 to 4 educational sessions per year at varying locations around Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont.  We do this so everyone can attend at a location near you!!  We do encourage you to attend all our meetings as we do not overlap or re-run sessions (unless they are requested again).  Always something new!!!

Fall Conferences

We think we “could be” the longest running Local Users Group to provide Fall Conferences!!!  The conferences are designed to put all the essentials together at one location and one event.  Vertafore helps support us as well as various vendors and companies.  We are proud to say that each year we have over 100 attendees and over 20 topics and sessions over the 3 day event.

Thanks to our owners/employers

We THANK our agency owners, managers and whoever encourages you to be involved in the NetVU New England (yes we were the New England AMS Users Group)!!!  We appreciate them believing and allowing people to be involved with the group see the benefit in attending (yes allowing us out of our offices) to share educational information with other agencies to make them better agencies to work with/in and utilize the most efficient processes available today, and tomorrow.

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Suggestions For Sessions

Hey folks we are ALWAYS looking for topics that tickle YOUR fancy so here is your chance!!! 

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Posting this will push your idea out to us and all the other members subscribed to the Blog.

If you would like to know more about our group and possibly lend a helping hand (ALWAYS welcomed) please drop a private message to us via  Board@NetVUNewEngland.org

Thanks for your time and suggestions!!!

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Vendor Sponsors

The NetVU New England Board of Directors wishes to thank our 2015 Fall Conference Sponsors!!


Vendors and Companies supporting our Conference

Tried and True

  • JMK System Solutions Inc. ~ Joe Mari  (12+ years)     jmkssi.com/insurance-agencies
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance Company (8+ years)
  • Imperial Premium Finance (4+ years)

New and fairly New Vendors and Companies

  • Imperial Premium Finance Specialists  ~ Steve Abramovitz / Steve Chalke (4 years)
  • QualCorp / QueryPlus ~ SueAnn Priem (3 years)
  • Agency Source (formerly AMS Forms) ~ Tim LaPlante (2 years)
  • WAHVE (2 years)
  • Archway Computers ~ Brad Ruben (3 years)
  • Vermont Mutual Insurance Company (NEW 2015)
  • Agency Performance Partners ~ Kelly Donahue-Piro (NEW 2015)
  • New England Excess Exchange ~ Goober Schaarschmidt (NEW 2015)
  • FIRST Insurance Funding ~ Tim Parenti (NEW 2015)
  • XpressPay ~ Tom Guido (NEW 2015)
  • BankDirect ~ Mark Badolato (4 years)
  • AppRiver ~ David Liberatore (NEW 2015)
  • Insurance Agent Mobile App ~ Matt Aaron (NEW 2015)

Not really a Vendor but just the bestest gal yet!!!

Our NetVU New England “Honorary Member” Joyce Sigler

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Welcome to NetVU New England

Welcome to NetVU New England

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